40 Wild Thoughts

I feel a little crazy. Here’s what’s happening: Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad is now an American literature hit and I feel torn about the book’s success. Egan won the Pulitzer. I’m not hatin’, but… Her book scares me. Maybe I’m too traditional. I’m the woman who felt bad about buying a […]

“After Bernard Marie Koltès”

I have to give you a poem.  I just read Bernard Marie Koltès’ In the Solitude of Cotton Fields. “After Bernard Marie Koltès” one thing we know: language is power. us men are always hiding in the curves of words. we get worried about how we feel because someone said we were born beasts and chickens. us […]

Remembering Three’s Company in 3C

I once had a job where my co-workers and I would describe and compare our work setting to an episode of Three’s Company. The office was always filled with confusion. Someone lost a contract. Someone forgot to send an email. No one could explain the acronym that described our new and “groundbreaking” program. The supervisors […]

On Baraka, Jacobs-Jenkins and Ludlam

Whenever I am reading any of Amiri Baraka’s work I have to remind myself to breathe. Dutchman left me speechless.  I kept picturing the 1964 audience members sitting in their seats (at the play’s premiere) enraged, proud, afraid, frustrated and relieved.  Some folks probably even walked out of the Cherry Lane Theatre in New York, some […]