On David Markson

This week I called at least five local bookstores in a rare last minute search of David Markson’s This Is Not a Novel. I’m defining the search as rare because I consider myself to be a responsible and committed student. In other words, it isn’t like me to misread a syllabus and realize my mistake […]

40 Wild Thoughts

I feel a little crazy. Here’s what’s happening: Jennifer Egan’s A Visit From the Goon Squad is now an American literature hit and I feel torn about the book’s success. Egan won the Pulitzer. I’m not hatin’, but… Her book scares me. Maybe I’m too traditional. I’m the woman who felt bad about buying a […]

“After Bernard Marie Koltès”

I have to give you a poem.  I just read Bernard Marie Koltès’ In the Solitude of Cotton Fields. “After Bernard Marie Koltès” one thing we know: language is power. us men are always hiding in the curves of words. we get worried about how we feel because someone said we were born beasts and chickens. us […]

Remembering Three’s Company in 3C

I once had a job where my co-workers and I would describe and compare our work setting to an episode of Three’s Company. The office was always filled with confusion. Someone lost a contract. Someone forgot to send an email. No one could explain the acronym that described our new and “groundbreaking” program. The supervisors […]